SMART Modular Technologies New DuraMemory DDR5 VLP RDIMM

SMART Modular Technologies, a global leader in memory solutions, solid-state drives, and hybrid storage products announces its new DDR5 32 GB Very Low Profile Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module (VLP RDIMM). SMART’s new DuraMemory DDR5 32 GB VLP RDIMM is the industry’s first DDR5 VLP RDIMM form factor. The 32 GB VLP RDIMM addresses applications with space constraints, such as embedded 1U blade compute and storage, enterprise networking, telecom, and industrial single-board computers (SBCs). The space savings also equates to improved heat dissipation and energy savings, reducing business costs.

The DDR5 32 GB VLP RDIMM is the newest addition to SMART’s broad portfolio of VLP and ULP (Ultra Low Profile) modules that are suitable for all types of dense computing, storage, networking and telecom applications. For ruggedized and harsh operating conditions, SMART also offers retention clips to secure the socket latches in place, and industrial grade temperature operation of -40°C to +85°C.

Arthur Sainio, director of product marketing for DRAM at SMART, explains, “SMART has a long history of providing VLP and ULP modules for a wide variety of blade applications. Currently we’re seeing growing industry interest and demand for VLP modules for the new DDR5 1U blade in computing and storage applications.”

Features of the DDR5 VLP RDIMM:

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