RNT Rausch Launches Hibagon Mobile Data Safe 8-Bay NAS

Up to 140TB, and supporting NFS, SMB, and AFP protocols file


RNT Rausch GmbH launches Hibagon Mobile Data Safe.

Data transfers play an important role in filmmaking and video production. Raw footage material and partially enhanced videos sometimes have to cross vast distances to reach post-production teams or studio executives for further editing or review – and not seldom they are reaching in the terabytes.

Many post-production studios use FTP to transfer media files. However, FTP has substantial limitations with an untenable high failure rate, file transfers being too slow, and security issues. Along with other non-media solutions, FTP is often a banned solution at large corporations for security and performance reasons.

Meet Hibagon Mobile Data Safe!
With the company’s innovation, large amounts of data can be physically and securely transferred from A to B or even from cloud to cloud. Hibagon Mobile Data Safe is a robust, shock-proof and water resistant storage device that transports data across companies, cities, countries and continents irrespective of weather conditions and transportation vehicles. The stored data is encrypted and will stay safe and secure throughout the entire duration of the journey.

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Armoured storage system for secure transfer of large data
This system is not a service – by owning the physical device the owner will always stay in full control of the data that is stored on Hibagon. Typical challenges associated with large data transfers like bandwidth bottlenecks, poor Internet connections or costly data transfer fees can be eliminated.

Rnt Rausch Gmbh To Launch Hibagon Mobile Data Safe 2

Use Hibagon if you want to migrate large amounts of data from or to cloud:

  • Initial transfer from on-premise data to a private or public cloud
  • Move data from offline tapes securely to the cloud when you’re limited by time
  • Offline transfer of sensitive data for compliance and security reasons
  • Move older backup files to the cloud to save cost

Entertainment industry is not only one that benefits from Mobile Data Safe
Emergency situations can happen everywhere – when a disaster strikes, quick access to mission critical data is vital. Whether the lights are out due to a ransomware attack or severe weather conditions, Hibagon allows to restore essential data to an on-premise network in a short time.Hibagon SpectablAbout RNT Rausch
It is a pioneer with 20+ years of experience in the high-tech server and storage industry. The company rethinks future-proof server and storage solution designs that go hybrid and tackle business challenges to make SMBs, enterprises, data centres and service providers around the world fit for tomorrow’s technical revolution. It offers tailor-made products and services that help customers enhance security, flexibility, scalability and sustainability. More than 30 employees are delivering targeted solutions with precision and manufactured to the quality. The company is headquartered in Ettlingen, Germany and has offices in Sweden and the UK.


Source: Storage Newsletter
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