Infortrend EonStor GS Scale-Out Unified Storage

To expand storage performance and capacity


Infortrend Technology, Inc. addresses major objectives of the office file sharing application with the EonStor GS scale-out unified storage.

Eonstor Gs Scale Out Unified Storage Addresses Key Objectives Of Office File Sharing Application

This solution enables users expand storage performance and capacity when needed and share files between company’s departments.

Traditionally, companies deploy standalone storage devices for each department, and as practice showed, this is not the best solution. Such architecture doesn’t provide shared capacity, complicates IT management, and creates additional obstacles for employees when sharing files between departments as they need to keep in mind a variety of file paths in different directories to access required files. So, an optimal storage solution for enterprise unstructured data should be able to maintain user-friendly file organization and access while expanding capacity and performance.

EonStor GS unified scale-out storage reaches these objectives. Initial deployment can start with 1 GS, and as the company’s data expands, enterprises can just add new GS to form a cluster. The GS scale-out function integrates up to 4 GSs into a single namespace file system, so all enterprise users can access shared folders to which they have access permission through a single root directory.

Infoortrend Eonstor Gs4000u Overview

Enterprises can expand the GS cluster with the all-flash GS 4000U model with U.2 SSD support to provide performance for demanding applications. In addition, to archive old data, which is no longer frequently accessed, data can be migrated from higher-performance GS to the entry-level GS models with capacity HDDs and density expansion enclosures.

As EonStor GS now supports scale-out function and single namespace file system, enterprise office users can scale-out performance and capacity as they see fit and enjoy easy file sharing for smooth collaboration between organization’s departments,” said Frank Lee, senior director, product planning.

Eonstor Gs U.2 Nvme Series Spectabl

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