Infortrend EonStor GS Enterprise Unified Storage VDI Solution


Up to 1,000,000 IO/s with response time less than 0.5s for intensive workloads during peak activity hours and mitigating IO storms

Infortrend Technology, Inc. offers a VDI storage solution for remote work EonStor GS enterprise unified storage has been designed with desktop virtualization support to sustain heavy workloads during peak activity hours while reducing the overall TCO.

Infortrend Eonstor Gs Unified Storage Delivers Outstanding User Experience In Vdi Application For Remote Work

Modern enterprises often have national and international ROBOs utilizing large-scale virtual desktop environments enabling team members to stay connected while accessing to the companies data resources. Furthermore, the device mobility with work-from-anywhere requirement also predetermined the need for the extensive VDI deployment. The result is that VDI storage solutions play a critical role for a productive work environment: these solutions must provide high performance services able to withstand IO storms while enabling simple deployment and scalability – all at a low cost per desktop.

Infortrend Vdi Deployment

EonStor GS unified storage has been developed as a platform for VDI deployment. It can support 6,000 virtual desktops for remote workers, ensuring that every virtual desktop delivers an user experience. The family includes all-flash/ hybrid configuration options to provide cost-efficient VDI with high and stable performance – up to 1,000,000 IO/s with response time less than 0.5s – for intensive workloads during peak activity hours and mitigating IO storms.

Infortrend Gs Eonstor Vdi Deployment 2201

EonStor GS is certified with the VDI platforms, including VMware and Citrix. It consolidates SAN and NAS serviceswhich simplifies the VDI deployment: the VDI OS and applications run on SAN, while users’ folders rely on NAS, providing VDI users with convenient folder sharing and increased data protection. It supports the scale-out function to linearly scale both capacity and performance for larger-scale VDI. To further underpin data integrity, the GS range supports Remote Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM).

EonStor GS paves the way for the efficient roll-out of agile virtual desktop environments. Certified with the leading VDI vendors, customer-proven, and fully tested in the VDI environments, GS delivers a powerful and cost-saving VDI solution for remote work,” said Frank Lee, senior director, product planning.

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