How Your Storage System Will Still Be Viable in 5 Years’ Time?

IT Verlag and are jointly conducting a survey on the status of storage infrastructure in 2023. The aim is to provide an overview of how storage systems will still be fit for the future in 5 years’ time.

Fit for Future! What topics will be important in the storage environment in 2023 and how are you positioning yourself for the coming years? Security, scalability, HA, backup and recovery are just a few important topics. After all, it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. No matter whether “force majeure”, sabotage, DDoS or ransomware attacks. The motto is: be prepared.

The survey asks, among other things, which forms of storage are currently in use, how high the demand for primary and secondary storage is, what requirements are placed on the storage systems and what challenges the users pose to their storage infrastructure.

The survey also looks at the solutions users prefer and whether they are open to new technological approaches such as SDS. In the backup area, the questioners are interested in how high the daily demand is, how users view the retention period of backups, which backup media are used and how many different media are used for this purpose. In addition: are German products an issue and last but not least: which projects are at the top of the agenda for 2023.

Why is participation so important? Well, the technology industry is constantly changing, and storage trends are naturally evolving as well.

This is where IT departments need to constantly re-position themselves. The biggest challenges facing IT managers include guaranteeing constant data security and availability, always providing sufficient storage capacity, and doing so in a cost-efficient and compliant manner“, says Karl Fröhlich, editor-in-chief,

In addition to the PDF of the Blueprint, participants will also receive an mousepad made for this survey.


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